Distributed MMORPG Server (Durango)

Jul 2014 - Jul 2018

This is where most of my experience lies on as a junior software engineer. This project provided me with a number of great opportunities to grow as a software engineer. Building an MMORPG server entails a long list of non-trivial challenges,...

Ecosystem Simulator

Sep 2014 - Sep 2016 (approx.)

It was the summer of 2014 when I joined the team. The team size was quite small at the time, with less than 30 people or so, and our game was still in the early stage...

Ecosystem Pipeline

Sep 2015 (approx.) - Sep 2017 (approx.)

We have developed the Ecosystem Simulator to make the natural environment of our game world realistic. However, we need a lot more than just an executable of the Ecosystem Simulator.