Coding Expedition

Coding Expedition is an act of writing code in anywhere but home or office. It generally, but not necessarily, takes place in remote locations far from all the distractions and pollutions of a large city.

I like coding and I also like going on a trip. A drawback of having these as a hobby is that both activities require a non-trivial amount of time, which I lack the most. My solution was to combine these two. Whenever I feel like, I open the Google Maps, pick a decent cafe or something comparable, grab my MacBook, and drive to the destination, without thinking too much. The trip may be contained in a single day, or it may last for a couple of days.

On a good day, I get a good amount of work done. A couple of features or so in one of my hobby projects. If not, that's not the end of the world. I still get to enjoy some great local food, engage in a conversion with local people. It is a good way to expand my intellectual and cultural horizon because interaction with people outside my circle almost always gives me a new, fresh perspective.


"So what kind of projects are you working on?"

This is a reasonable question to be asked at this point. My answer to that question is, "it's classified." No, I'm just kidding. I need to write some code to list up all projects I'm working on and automatically update them. That will be done on one of my future coding expeditions. Stay tuned.